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Last Updated : May -2014

Al- Fatihah.

Dengan Dukacita sahabat kita "Noriah Abdul Rahman - ex66 Jses ",
meninggal dunia jam 6.00 am 21 hb September, 2014.
Takziah kepada keluarganya.
Suami Allahyarhamah - Hj Ismail Ahmad ex64 (Phone:- 010-5311946)

- info Y Bhg Datin Mardiah .

We are a group of ex-students of Jasin Secondary English School (JSES). Most of us started school before Merdeka (1957) ie sometime in the years 1955 - 1956.

Those days we've got to sit the Standard 6, Enterance Exam to qualify us to the Secondary School. Some were from the neighbouring primary schools around Jasin and a few from Asahan, Nyalas and Merlimau. We were from Chinese; Tamil; Malay and the Jasin English School.

Ages between 12 and 13 years old when we step foot at Jasin Secondary English School (JSES) in Form One. That was around the year 1962 - 1963.

All these years, we were too busy to remember our classmates ex JSES when we were at the top of our carrier. Now most of us are retired and all over the world. Not all of us around Jasin anymore. In the hope of rekindling old memories and trying to track the whereabout of our beloved friends - someone brought the idea of "INTERNET".

For a start ... let's use the free web server to touch the old memories, though as we know Computer came to our life at this late ages. We know that some of us are computer illeterate, for our age. Anyway we believe our children ... grand-children are willing to assist their garandpa / grandma to reach their old friends.

Well GRANDPAS & GRANDMAS ... let us share our success, ups & downs in life. Tell us where you've been all these 40 odd years.


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