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22May - 22.24 hrs
Prof Yazid Manap

Superb reunion, thank u so much to the chairman and the commitee/monitors ect.... u folks work v hard

22.29 hrs
Chu Seng Huat

Thank u Prof for the encouraging words! Enjoyed your company during golf game!

23.19 hrs
Jaafar Jani

Jamm Highway, ikut jalan lama via Rembau. Hooh penat !!!, tapi berbaloi cos kali ini reunion best. Tahniah Col Bakar/DM n the committee.

23 May
07.13 hrs
Col Bakar Baba

Thank you and congratulations every Committee Member for your total commitment resulting in the successful and satisfying reunion yesterday. Your contribution and sacrifices in time and money can't be described but let the Almighty repay those effort.

I felt very comfortable working with you all with all the spanners and screws thrown in, sometimes. All my Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary gave me strength and confidence that we would succeed! Lorna; Azizah; Azman all the time wanted to volunteer. Tahu siapa itu Azman? - (Chu Seng Huat) Datuk AS Khamis although could not sometimes attend our meetings, was the strength behind us. Hock Chen was with me with all the dealings and consultations. The rests for all effort. Thank you and maybe we can meet for debrief and lunch in short time. Boleh sebelum Ramadan. All the best!
Committee includes Class Monitors.

07.40 hrs
Lorna Bateman
Thank you Col. You really inspired all the way. The Almighty was with us ALL the way. He gave us the strength. With leaders like you Col Bakar, Mardhiah & Dato Khamis how could we are NOT be successful. You really did a good job. Congratulations to the team.

08.12 hrs
Puziah Ahmad

Thank You all

09.33 hrs.
Chu Seng Huat

I am thouch, inspired and proud to know my seniors are capable of caring and working with such dedication and high sense of responsibilities together.

I will never-never forget working w a zealous and hardworking Bro Elangkovan, a gifted Bro Krishnan, a soulful and mesmerising Kak Azizah Maizan (my goose pimples appears appreaciating her rendition of sajak Untuk Guru).

There are so many super duper seniors to have the honour and privilege of meeting Steven Lim (64), Abang JJ, Prof Yazid & humble Abang Badar (golf flight) and to be able to laugh so much when in the presence of our Olympian Yusof Maidin...

Tell me my friends... do u think it is worthwhile being involved in this Reunion? Definitely !!! And top of off, the icing on the cake is to see so many of our beloved teachers!!! God bless them and keep for many more years to come. I can write many more pages on our teachers! Instead I will leave it to God to wrie and reward each one ot these special people.

Finally, to see and to meet all my buddies and seniors in the hall all at one go is ecstacy! It is good and it is worth it! Thank U for my super seniors and teachers!

09.37 hrs
Azizah Ghazali

Hi morning to all... I would also join the geng to congrutialate the committee team of Class 66 for the successful and memorable JSES ALUMNI REUNION 2016 with the dedication and the commitment we deliver and we gave more ... the photos which has been posted in the grp watsapp since yesterday speaks for itself. Kidos...

Datin Azizah Maizan

Congratulations to the organiser ... we enjoyed it very much ...

10.05 hrs
Mej C Subramaniam

My congratulations and sincere appreciation to Col Bakar and the JSES Reunion 2016 organising committee for agreat job in making this reunion a great success. Without your commitment and dedication the event could not have beensuch success. Not forgetting DASK for his effort in keeping the event very lively. Well done everyone.

Ameran Ibrahim

Congratialations Bro Col Chairman n the committee members. It was a good job well done! Really appreciate the close cooperation in getting d event well organized led by our bro Col Bakar. It was d best reunion. Big turnout n all were very happy to meet their long-long list friends be it juniors or seniors.

11.42 hrs
Khoo Hock Chen

Hi Sis and Bro. Sorry for slow response to congratualate all of tou for the successful event. Cash pun belum sempat balance. Anyway, I must say that we were successful because of each and everyone of you. Keep up the good spirits and hope to see you again soon.

11.45 hrs
M Elangovan

My felicitations to all who made this 2016 reunion a great success. Will see everyone again soon. Thank you everyone.

13.00 hrs
M Krishnan

Hi Bro n Sis, I have heard nothing but praises from all who attended our Golden Jubilee JSES reunion gathering.

The organizing committee, spearheaded by our dynamic chairman and assisted by 2 deputies, deserved a hug for the amazing effort. Everyone was a team-player and our cohesiveness proved that unity is strength. It was a superb and remarkable reunion and we have set a gold standard in organizing a memorable event. Bravo!

14.38 hrs
Berth Mohan

To the Chairman n all the Organising team, Congratulations! and thank you for all the hard work, sweat n sleepless nights. Proud of you all.

15.30 hrs
Mary Koh

To the Chairman n all the great hardworking Committee members on behalf of my friends of 1977, WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS!. We had a great time. Its a SUPERB effort by all of you. BRAVO ZULU Mr Chairman sir. Personally I would like to register my gratitude for acknowledging me in the Roll of Honour. Coincidenly I happened to be commissioned on the 22nd May too. Now I can place the cert I got yesterday beside it. Once again tqvm.

17.16 hrs
Jacob Gan

On behalf of my '68 folks, I wish to thank the great effortsput in by the organizing com. members to make the reunion a great success!

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